Acoustic Louvre Design & Supply

Sound Planning's acoustic louvres have been tested at Salford University's UKAS accredited laboratories in accordance with ISO 140-3: 1995.

Acoustic louvres can be supplied in four different depths (SRI):

•150mm (Rw 11dB) NR 17dB
•270mm (Rw 12dB) NR 18dB
•300mm (Rw 14dB) NR 20dB
•300mm (Rw 16dB) NR 22dB [chevron]
•540mm (Rw 22dB) NR 28dB [chevron]

Acoustic Panels (SRI):

•50mm (Rw 32dB) NR 38dB
•100mm (Rw 34dB) NR 40dB

  • SRI - Sound Reduction Performance
  • NR - Noise Reduction